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سخن مدیر عامل

Message From the Managing Director
Crisis of water shortage in recent years is an objective reality. This crisis is going to make a profound impact on the development components of the country, threatening the sustainability in different dimensions. Survival from the crisis is a great performance trial for the responsible authorities and all the society.

Undoubtedly the role of consulting engineers as the main influential capacities in providing and implementing of appropriate projects in order to challenge the problem, considering mitigation of social and environmental risks, is extremely of great value and decisive.

As a matter of fact, under such circumstances, the most important strategic scope for BehanSadd is to cooperate in the crisis survival process.

It should be mentioned that BehanSadd's managers, having extensive experiences in water resources sector, with realizing the actual water demands especially under the present critical situation, will do their best to help the process of improving the situation using their experiences and capacities.

One of the most prominent scopes of BehanSadd is concentrating on revival and restoration of water resources development projects.

I believe that the first generation of water resources facilities which began to operate around five decades ago, are gradually going to end their economic life. Protection, revival and restoration of this sort of structures, will ensure more sustainable and durable operation with less cost. Meanwhile negative impacts will also be avoided. Such concept is compatible with principles of integrated water resources management and sustainable development.

Water resources development master plans are the other Behansadd’s field of activities which is an actual requirement for transfer from supply management to demand management.

I am supremely confident that regarding provided capacities on the one hand and support of the clients on the other hand, it is quite possible to pass the present historic circumstances at minimal cost and appropriate efficiency.